26 November 2014

Black Veneer Experiment


Here are a few thoughts, and the results of a recent small experiment I did on the permanence of black dyes in rosette making. Basically, I wanted to know what materials, if any, could replace ebony in my rosettes. Even though I only tested a few potential materials, the results were positive and a little surprising.

26 October 2014

Since August...

Once again I have to say that mostly due to the beautiful summer we just had, I wasn't able to make the usual blog posts. Guitar life was super busy however, so here is another mishmash of things since the last post in August.

9 August 2014

Since June...

Since summer started, it's been difficult to find the time (and enthusiasm - the sun doesn't shine much here in the winter) for making blog posts. But I have been taking photos over the past several weeks, so here is a mishmash of things since June...

6 July 2014

New Rosette - A Small Tribute

As you may already know, the luthier Manuel Velazquez passed away this past April at the age of 97. If you aren't familiar with his story or his instruments, this article by William Cumpiano will help fill you in: Manuel Velázquez: an appreciation.

8 June 2014

This Week At Scott Guitars - A New Batch

Final thinning a set of sides
I've been gradually working away on a new batch of instruments. They've been a little slow to start since I'm making some new rosette parts at the same time, as well as

26 May 2014

Two Guitars Complete - See Them At The GFA

The two guitars that I'll be taking to the GFA convention in June are now complete. Here's a little introduction to the instruments. If you'll be at the convention too, don't hesitate to introduce yourself and try out the guitars. I'd like to hear what you think.

12 May 2014

Used Guitar For Sale - 2009 Short Scale, Spruce / Indian Rosewood

Year: 2009
Condition: very good, no repairs
Spruce soundboard
Indian rosewood back and sides
Ebony fingerboard
Mahogany neck
632mm scale length
Sloane tuners
French polish finish recently retouched
Asking: CA$4,100 (US$3,800 exchange 11 May 2014)

4 May 2014

This Week at Scott Guitars - Necks & Table Saw Jigs

Neck shaping complete
About to finalize neck thickness and shape
The current batch of instruments is now just a handful of hours away from the start of the finishing stage. They've been fretted, had their necks shaped, and had all scraping

19 April 2014

Assembly Complete & An Intro To Sound Ports

The current guitars were both assembled and bound in the past couple of weeks. The cedar / rosewood instrument has a sound port, here are a few words about that.

6 April 2014

This Week at Scott Guitars

Been working away on the current batch of two guitars that will be accompanying me to the GFA in L.A. this June. The heels and head stocks are carved,

20 March 2014

Thoughts On Tuning Machines

 I realized that I have a lot of tuning machines in the shop right now, so I decided to write a little review comparing and contrasting all of the brands.

The brands and models I'll talk about are:

  • Gilbert - gold base plates, snakewood buttons, black rollers
  • Gotoh - 35AR510P-BB
  • Gotoh - 35G1800H
  • Sloane - leaf bronze base plates, ebony buttons
  • Alessi - F5 ebony buttons
  • Alessi - H2 ebony buttons
  • Baljak - Mare Ebano

9 March 2014

GFA 2014

A few days ago I registered for the GFA (Guitar Foundation of America) convention that's going to be held in LA this summer from June 20th to 26th. If you'll be attending too, please stop by the vendor fair to introduce yourself. Even though this week

25 February 2014

Two Guitars Complete - Cedar/Rosewood (Now For Sale), Spruce/Wenge

1) Cedar/Indian Rosewood With Elevated Fingerboard, Now Available - Price: $5,900 CAD

On Friday the 14th I gave this guitar it's last bit of polishing, then installed the tuning machines, strung it up and finalised the action. See the Available Now page for more photos and info. It's always exciting

22 February 2014


You may recall that a few weeks ago I made a trip to Victoria to visit with Bradford Werner and show him a recent guitar. Bradford Werner is a guitarist and guitar teacher who I've known for quite a few years, since my university music days.

15 February 2014

The Last Two Weeks

Over the past couple of weeks, the main task has been finishing. Both guitars of the current batch were pore filled, then the cedar instrument got a full French polish finish, while the spruce one had its soundboard French polished but the rest of the guitar is getting an oil varnish finish.

6 February 2014

A Word About Wenge

So, I've had this set of text book perfect millettia laurentii, or African Wenge (pronounced weng-gay), wood in my shop for a handful of years. A couple of months ago I finally found the inspiration to use it, and the perfect instrument to use it on - it's the spruce guitar I'm currently working on, that will be done

2 February 2014

This Week at Scott Gutiars

This past week I worked on finishing bridges, fretting, final sanding both guitars, gluing the bridge on to the cedar guitar, and on Friday stringing up the cedar guitar in the white in order to make any last modifications to the resonances before beginning French polishing.

27 January 2014

New Guitar Built on Spec - Ready In February

Since I don't do any real experimenting on custom ordered instruments, I like to build a few spec guitars every year to try some new ideas that have been rattling in my head for some time. One of the guitars I'm currently working on is a cedar and Indian rosewood with elevated fingerboard.

24 January 2014

This Week at Scott Guitars

Wenge back/sides, ebony bindings
This past week I did a physical inventory count for year end book keeping, and worked away on the current batch of two guitars. I glued on bindings, made and glued on fingerboards, shaped a neck, made the bridges, scraped the bindings

19 January 2014

Temperature Controller For Safer Side Bending

I posted a topic on the Delcamp forum a little while ago about this temperature controller device that I made for side bending. Thanks to those who participated in the thread there. I've copied the same post here, but I also added some more how-to info for those who may be interested. It's not difficult or too costly to make.

17 January 2014

This Week at Scott Guitars

Neck ready for fitting to soundboard
Back tuned and ready for fitting to sides
This week's theme was assembly. Two necks had their heels and head stocks carved on monday, then I was able to assemble both of the guitars of the current batch.

10 January 2014

This week at Scott Guitars

This past week I plugged away at bracing soundboards and backs and bending sides for the two guitars that I'm working on which will be completed in mid February. I also made a temperature controller device for my side bending machine - something that may warrant a separate post of it's own soon.