27 January 2014

New Guitar Built on Spec - Ready In February

Since I don't do any real experimenting on custom ordered instruments, I like to build a few spec guitars every year to try some new ideas that have been rattling in my head for some time. One of the guitars I'm currently working on is a cedar and Indian rosewood with elevated fingerboard.

24 January 2014

This Week at Scott Guitars

Wenge back/sides, ebony bindings
This past week I did a physical inventory count for year end book keeping, and worked away on the current batch of two guitars. I glued on bindings, made and glued on fingerboards, shaped a neck, made the bridges, scraped the bindings

19 January 2014

Temperature Controller For Safer Side Bending

I posted a topic on the Delcamp forum a little while ago about this temperature controller device that I made for side bending. Thanks to those who participated in the thread there. I've copied the same post here, but I also added some more how-to info for those who may be interested. It's not difficult or too costly to make.

17 January 2014

This Week at Scott Guitars

Neck ready for fitting to soundboard
Back tuned and ready for fitting to sides
This week's theme was assembly. Two necks had their heels and head stocks carved on monday, then I was able to assemble both of the guitars of the current batch.

10 January 2014

This week at Scott Guitars

This past week I plugged away at bracing soundboards and backs and bending sides for the two guitars that I'm working on which will be completed in mid February. I also made a temperature controller device for my side bending machine - something that may warrant a separate post of it's own soon.