25 February 2014

Two Guitars Complete - Cedar/Rosewood (Now For Sale), Spruce/Wenge

1) Cedar/Indian Rosewood With Elevated Fingerboard, Now Available - Price: $5,900 CAD

On Friday the 14th I gave this guitar it's last bit of polishing, then installed the tuning machines, strung it up and finalised the action. See the Available Now page for more photos and info. It's always exciting

22 February 2014


You may recall that a few weeks ago I made a trip to Victoria to visit with Bradford Werner and show him a recent guitar. Bradford Werner is a guitarist and guitar teacher who I've known for quite a few years, since my university music days.

15 February 2014

The Last Two Weeks

Over the past couple of weeks, the main task has been finishing. Both guitars of the current batch were pore filled, then the cedar instrument got a full French polish finish, while the spruce one had its soundboard French polished but the rest of the guitar is getting an oil varnish finish.

6 February 2014

A Word About Wenge

So, I've had this set of text book perfect millettia laurentii, or African Wenge (pronounced weng-gay), wood in my shop for a handful of years. A couple of months ago I finally found the inspiration to use it, and the perfect instrument to use it on - it's the spruce guitar I'm currently working on, that will be done

2 February 2014

This Week at Scott Gutiars

This past week I worked on finishing bridges, fretting, final sanding both guitars, gluing the bridge on to the cedar guitar, and on Friday stringing up the cedar guitar in the white in order to make any last modifications to the resonances before beginning French polishing.