20 March 2014

Thoughts On Tuning Machines

 I realized that I have a lot of tuning machines in the shop right now, so I decided to write a little review comparing and contrasting all of the brands.

The brands and models I'll talk about are:

  • Gilbert - gold base plates, snakewood buttons, black rollers
  • Gotoh - 35AR510P-BB
  • Gotoh - 35G1800H
  • Sloane - leaf bronze base plates, ebony buttons
  • Alessi - F5 ebony buttons
  • Alessi - H2 ebony buttons
  • Baljak - Mare Ebano

9 March 2014

GFA 2014

A few days ago I registered for the GFA (Guitar Foundation of America) convention that's going to be held in LA this summer from June 20th to 26th. If you'll be attending too, please stop by the vendor fair to introduce yourself. Even though this week